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...and we're back from Sunday 5th July, 2020 services recommence at 10.00 am at St Mary's and 5.00 pm at St Georges - services will aso be online (see below for more details)


St Mary's is located on Church Street, Wombwell and St Georges is on Church Street, Jump.  You can find directions to both churches by clicking on the following links:

Coronavirus Update - A Message from our Rector

Rev John Armstrong

Dear Friends,

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” - Psalm 122v1

On Sunday 5th July, 2020, we are planning to open St Mary’s & St George’s for Sunday worship once again. I am so pleased that this is happening. A lot of people have worked hard to ensure that our online Services have been made available to people over the last 3 months. It is hugely encouraging that through these services, we have been able to have contact with a lot of people we don’t normally have any real contact with. I will say a little more about the online services in a moment; however, first of all, I would like to inform you of the precautions that we are putting in place, ensuring that we abide by Government guidelines.

On Monday evening (29th June), I spoke with the Wardens and worship leaders about these. We all agreed that the following provisions would be made:

  1. The church chairs in the centre are spaced to allow individuals and family groups to sit the required 2m apart. It is not envisaged that we will need the chairs in the side aisle in St Mary’s.

  2. There will be hand sanitiser available for use. There will also be liquid soap and paper towels for use in the toilets.

  3. The Chancel in St Mary’s will be ‘cordoned off’ for use.

  4. Initially, there will be no tea and coffee after the service.

  5. For the first month, there will be no services of Holy Communion. Holy Communion adds considerably to the requirement of social distancing and sanitisation. It is hoped that we will review this as we go onwards. Until such a time, all our services will be non-eucharistic.

  6. There will be no Thursday morning Service for July. Again, we will keep this decision under review.

  7. There will be no Sunday Groups, although provision for children will be made for during the Service. Again, this will be kept under review.

  8. Under the Government guidelines, we are not allowed congregational singing in our services. However, music will feature, using either live music, or downloaded songs.

  9. There will be a ‘one way system’ to come into and out of St Mary’s.

  10. There will be a voluntary ‘sign in’ system to enable the Government’s ‘track and trace’.

  11. We are in the final stages of completing the actions of our risk assessment. When this is complete, it will be displayed online.

Whilst it is good news that we can reopen our buildings: we, nevertheless, are conscious that a number of people will not feel able to come to be a part of the Services. This is entirely understandable. No-one need feel under any pressure to attend if they are not comfortable doing so.

We will still carry on with our online worship. I will use my Ezra file Youtube channel for this. Through this, we hope to provide for people who can not come at this time, together with those people with whom we have made contact online over the last few months.

This provision will take 2 forms. On Sundays, at 10am, there will be a short act of worship broadcast on the usual channels on YouTube and Facebook. This will incorporate - a Bible reading, a sermon, prayers and a hymn.

During the week, my Bible studies will continue at the current pattern - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. I plan to finish John’s Gospel before the end of July. After that, there will be a break over August, and I will resume in September.

In September, there will be a new channel on YouTube. This is called, Wombwell Parish. All services and Bible studies will from that point on be broadcast on that channel (Facebook continues as normal).

This last 3 months have been a very difficult time for us all. However, from where we are now, we can look to the future. We trust God for that and we want to build his kingdom here in our town. Thank you for your support and your prayers. I look forwards to see you soon.

Every blessing,

John Armstrong


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