Wombwell Parish

St Mary's, Wombwell & St George's, Jump

Arrangements for Services at St Mary's and St Georges in the interim

We are pleased to announce that beginning on Sunday 5th July, 2020 Services will recommence at 10.00 am at St Mary's and at 5.00 pm at St George's.

We understand, however, that some people will not feel able to commit to be part of the Services.

This is entirely understandable. No-one need feel under any pressure to attend if they are not comfortable doing so.

We will still carry on with our online worship. Through this, we hope to provide for people who can not come at this time, together with those people with whom we have made contact online over the last few months.

This provision will take 2 forms. On Sundays, at 10am, there will be a short act of worship broadcast on the usual channels on YouTube and Facebook. This will incorporate - a Bible reading, a sermon, prayers and a hymn.

During the week, Bible studies will continue at the current pattern - Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. It is planned to finish John’s Gospel before the end of July. After that, there will be a break over August, and Bible studies will resume in September.

You can access our live streams via our Rector's Ezra file Youtube channel

In September, there will be a new channel on YouTube. This will be called, Wombwell Parish. All services and Bible studies will from that point on be broadcast on that channel (Facebook continues as normal).  Further details and links will be provided in due course.

To access our Rector's Ezra file Yioutube channel click on the link in 'brown' above then click subscribe within Yotube and you'll be kept up to date of all videos. 

Please keep checking back for updates