A warm welcome awaits you at St Mary's & St George's

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Here's Rev Armstrong's video blog 'The Ezra File' on issues he doesn't always get chance to discuss during his sermon's. Please take a look.

 The Food Bank at St Mary's, which is a spoke for the Barnsley Foodbank is available for anyone who has been referred on Monday's between 11.00 am and 1.00 pm.  Eventually we would like to run this alongside a Community Cafe.

You can make condations to the Barnsley Foodbank by placing them in the Grub Tub just inside the church door.  Currently the Foodbank is most urgently needing tinned potatoes and packet mash, toiletries (soap, shampoo and shower gel, size 6 nappies, gravy granules and UHT milk.

Cornerstone Cafe

Our Monday Cafe is  now up and running.  It provides a chance to chat, have a drink and someting to eat.  Please could you pray that God would upe this to draw people to Himself; please do come along and bring a friend, and if you can't come, let someone else know about it.

Open Doors

Is an organisation that serves Christians who are persecuted for their faith.  Their work started by Brother Andrew (you may have read his story in the book God's Smuggler).

Find out more about them at Opendoors

Family Services

We serve drinks, pastires and bagels before our Family Services at St Mary's from 9.15 am.

At St George's there is an outdoor cafe bofort the Family Service startin gat 4.30pm.

Eveyone is welcome

Please pray.....

    • The Christmas season provides lots of opportunities for us to make Jesus known.  Please pray for our Services and the Christmas Cafe

    • Pray for one another , that Christmas could be a time when we can be greatly encouraged by God's immense love for us in sending Jesus

    • Pray for those for whom Christmas is a difficult time, whether through ill health, grief, money worries or feeling overwhelmed.  Please pray that we might in some way be able to offer encouragement and support

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